Antonio Berry, Sr.
Best selling author of the Coast Playa's series
Tony is living testimony that
it’s definitely not worth the penalty you could have to pay.
  Anthonio Berry, Sr., best selling author of the Coast Playa’s series, was born and raised in Moss Point/Pascagoula Mississippi to a large middle class family of Dubose's on his Mother side and the Chestang's on his Father side. The direction he chose in life, as this story is being told, is no reflection of the rearing and education given to be able to distinguish between right or wrong. He says he knew better. The Universal laws, your rational and irrational decisions can dictate and determine your out-come in life.

  The path and directions you travel may allow you to find yourself and come into a conscious understanding of your existence and who you are as well as your purpose in this world. Some decisions can be detrimental and not worth the price you pay in the end. The decisions he made in his life cost him dearly when he could have done better with the gift and ability he was given by God. He was indicted as the leader of one of the largest cocaine conspiracy enterprises to ever originate in the Southern District of Mississippi at that time as detailed in the book "It Is What It Is" By Gerald Duffy.

 He has served more than 20 years in federal prison and at the time of the publishing of Coast Playa's he awaits the Court's decision whether to grant him immediate release based on a new retroactive crack cocaine Amendment to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. He hopes his story has the impact of discouraging you from choosing the street life as oppose to becoming a law abiding decent human being. The decisions he made led him to a dead end road of catastrophe. The choice is yours and you do have one. He's a living testimony that the price is too high. The definition of insanity is, to continue with the same reckless behavior while expecting a different result....Which is you?????

Book 2
The Enterprise

Book 1
Coasta Playa's
Slum Money